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Other Commands
There are also other functions which can be controlled remotely (desktop phones only):
Remote Dialing: http://phoneIP/command.htm?number=NUMBER&outgoing_uri=URI
Remote DTMF tones: http://phoneIP/command.htm?key_dtmf=NUMBER
Remote Ringtone Playing: http://phoneIP/line_login.htm?PLAY_RINGER:X=+Ringer(X=1..9)
Remote Reboot: http://phoneIP/advanced_update.htm?reboot=Reboot
Remote Reset: http://phoneIP/advanced_update.htm?reset=Reset
Remote Reset of Dialed Numbers: http://phoneIP/index.htm?dialeddel=0
Remote Reset of Missed Calls: http://phoneIP/index.htm?misseddel=0
Remote Reset of Received Calls: http://phoneIP/index.htm?receiveddel=0
Since versions 8.4.34 and 8.7.2 you can also emulate pressing the touchscreen of the snom870.
X must be between 0 and 479, where 0 is the left display edge and 479 the right one.
Y must be between 0 and 271, where 0 is the upper display edge and 271 the lower one.
just press, dont release: http://phoneIP/command.htm?touch=X Y press
brief version: http://phoneIP/command.htm?touch=X Y p
release when formerly pressed: http://phoneIP/command.htm?touch=X Y release
brief version: http://phoneIP/command.htm?touch=X Y r
press and release with one cmd: http://phoneIP/command.htm?touch=X Y pr
brief version: http://phoneIP/command.htm?touch=X Y
chained commands: http://phoneIP/command.htm?touch=X Y pr X2 Y2 pr X3 Y3 pr